My baby is always sick. Disney princess baby clothes.

My Baby Is Always Sick

my baby is always sick

    my baby
  • Circus is the sixth studio album by American pop singer Britney Spears. It was released on December 2nd, 2008 by Jive Records.

  • "My Baby" was a 1980 single from Australian rock band Cold Chisel, the third released from the album East and the first of the band's singles not to be written by organist Don Walker.

  • My Baby is the second single of Bow Wow's third studio album Unleashed. The song is about how he meets a girl that has a lot of drama in her relationship. Bow Wow then starts to like her. In the video Bow wow shows two parts of the story.

  • Bring something up by vomiting

  • vomit: eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth; "After drinking too much, the students vomited"; "He purged continuously"; "The patient regurgitated the food we gave him last night"

  • ill: affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"

  • people who are sick; "they devote their lives to caring for the sick"

my baby is always sick - Original Seaband

Original Seaband for Children(Colors Vary)

Original Seaband for Children(Colors Vary)

Sea Bands are safe for children aged 3 and over to use and because they do not contain any drugs, there are no side effects. Sea-Band for Travel Sickness PLANES, TRAINS, BOATS, CARS, COACHES AND EVEN AT THE FUNFAIR! Try them - they really work! Travelling the world - for business or pleasure - is now easier than ever. But whether your journey is by air, road, rail or sea it can be a miserable experience if you suffer from travel sickness. The nausea, dizziness and vomiting caused by any form of transport are triggered by a confusion of messages received in the brain. Although you may be sitting motionless in a seat, your senses tell you that you are actually moving. Contrary to common belief, the resulting nausea is not "all in the mind" and is experienced by children and adults alike. Early signs of travel sickness include quietness, headaches and lethargy, often followed by uncontrollable vomiting. Drug-free remedies Anti-sickness drugs may have unwanted side-effects such as drowsiness and may not be suitable for children or for some adults. Yet there are other ways to help prevent nausea: In cars or buses, sit at the front and always face the direction in which you are travelling. Don't look out of side windows and focus on the horizon. Breathe in fresh air - open a window or stay outside on a ship's deck. Don't eat a heavy or greasy meal before travelling. Keep children occupied - play an "I spy" game for example. Most importantly, wear Sea-Bands during your journey.

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Barbie...in her sick bed

Barbie...in her sick bed

Yesterday got a call that Barbie was "discovered" laying in the field being rained on. She could not get up.

To make a long story short.....she was in severe pain when picked up out of the field. She had been placed back inside the barn. When I reached her she was down.

I took a baby bottle from home with HOT water....knowing with the the 12 minute drive to get to her, it would still be lukewarm by the time I got there. She could hardly drink.....

When she was placed on her feet, she moaned loudly. She was given one aspirin mixed with warm water in a large syringe type thing. She seemed as if she had so much discomfort.

It was the second day that Barbie and Betty had been placed out to graze with the other goats.....usually they go to the huge doghouse when the others go back inside the barn. Obviously...Barbie did not go with Betty.

Barbie, Betty and Barney all three usually are together "always" inside the barn....fed and watered there. Barbie had been getting thin and for one day she had "the runs"......was given Albon and that was all better. It was decided that Barbie and Betty should go out and graze while there was still a bit of green left to eat. Barney still must remain inside the barn.....

Last night she was given Nutradrench ( a supplement of nutrition...stinky ), Karo water, she ate her grain like a pig ( was fed ) but does not seem to want to eat her hay.

Today she is up....going out in my yard....not moaning at all and is up and walking around. Will keep you posted......

Get Well Soon, My Sweet Little Baby!

Get Well Soon, My Sweet Little Baby!

I had to bring Paco into the hospital today for a laparotomy. He is suffering from a Protein Losing Enteropathie (PLE). This is a very, very serious disease. He has lost nearly 14 kg weight in 3 weeks.
He has to stay at the hospital until at least next sunday. Then we will go on fighting against this severe illness at home.

Update 09/06: Paco is back home. Now he first has to recover from the operation.

Thank you all for your good wishes! Hugs and kisses also from my Baby! :)

Update 09/12: Paco is recovering from the operation. Tomorrow the doctor will take the stiches out. Afterwards he will have to take cyclosporine against the inflammation and has to keep a very strikt diet. He is suffering from intestinal lymphangiektasia, which is an autoimmune disease of the bowel and causes the protein losing and diarrhea.

Update 10/27: Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and good wishes! Paco is quite good at the moment. He has no more diarrhea and is increasing weight. He only may eat a very special diet, nothing else - which is very hard for him as he is always hungry. ;-)

my baby is always sick

my baby is always sick

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