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Baby Travel Toy

baby travel toy

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baby travel toy - Piper the

Piper the Panda - black, white & red, baby travel toy

Piper the Panda - black, white & red, baby travel toy

Piper the Panda - black, white & red, baby travel toy - by Genius Baby Toys. Piper the Panda - On-the-go with baby travel toy. High contrast black, white and red colors hold baby's attention. The panda toy comes complete with a link, making it easy to take along with you. Piper Panda crinkles, jingles and squeaks - as well as includes baby-safe teether. Piper Panda will warm parents' hearts with its expressive face and soft features. The panda comes complete with multiple textures and sounds to keep baby entertained. Toy Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.0" x 8.0" birth and up.

88% (16)

fucked up baby toy, or, "pre-emptive sex ed"

fucked up baby toy, or, "pre-emptive sex ed"

this thing can only have been conceived by some children's toy designer with the sort of latent headspace issues that at a previous point in history would have warranted exorcism.

obviously it was subsequently approved for production, and disseminated by obviously malicious or blind retailers. whoever thought to buy this for my niece will be screened by psychiatry and security professionals, oh trust me.

Max and his new toy

Max and his new toy

Mom made Max a new toy specially for the trip. It is several patches of interesting material sewn over bubble wrap, with lots of interesting labels and tags coming off it. It kept Max amused for a good while as we approached LA.

baby travel toy

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