29 Week Premature Baby

29 week premature baby

    premature baby
  • In humans, preterm birth refers to the birth of a baby of less than 37 weeks gestational age. The cause for preterm birth is in many situations elusive and unknown; many factors appear to be associated with the development of preterm birth, making the reduction of preterm birth a challenging

  • A baby born three or more weeks before the due date.

  • an infant that is born prior to 37 weeks of gestation

  • A period of seven days

  • The period of seven days generally reckoned from and to midnight on Saturday night

  • workweek: hours or days of work in a calendar week; "they worked a 40-hour week"

  • any period of seven consecutive days; "it rained for a week"

  • "Week!" is the ninth single of Do As Infinity, released in 2001. The B-side of this single, "Tsuredzure Naru Mama ni", is the only studio-recorded song from guitarist Ryo Owatari, the lyrics were also written by him.

  • Workdays as opposed to the weekend; the five days from Monday to Friday

  • Year 29 (XXIX) was a common year starting on Saturday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

  • 29 is Ryan Adams' eighth official album, and his third album released in 2005 (although the preceding two were credited to Ryan Adams and The Cardinals). The album was produced by Ethan Johns, who also produced Heartbreaker and Gold.

  • twenty-nine: the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-eight and one

29 week premature baby - Your Premature

Your Premature Baby and Child

Your Premature Baby and Child

The only comprehensive guide for the parents of "preemies"-from homecoming to the school years. Every day new progress is being made in the care of babies born prematurely, helping them grow up as strong and healthier than ever imagined. But raising "preemies" often places special demands on parents whose little ones seem-especially in those early weeks and months-as fragile as they are precious. This illustrated guide, written by mothers of preemies and medical experts, can help. With guidance on such wide ranging topics as bringing the baby home to medical issues to doctor visits to starting school-plus tips on dealing with the emotional and family stress of parenting a preemie-this book provides the answers needed to optimize that special baby's development.
--Written by a team with both personal and professional experience relating to this topic
--Addresses the physical and emotional challenges from the child's, parent's and extended families' viewpoints
--Includes illustrations
--Unlike other books, this unique, comprehensive, and empowering handbook provides detailed information on a wide range of topics for "preemie parents" after the NICU.

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I spotted Kerry katona in Manchesters Trafford Center today she was in a Chineese Restaraunt with her Husband Mark Croft... She is one of my Favourite Celebritys, thank you Kerry Katona for having your picture taken with me :)

Please do not use this photo with out my permission!!!...

Kerry Katona

Born Kerry Jane Elizabeth Katona
6 September 1980 (1980-09-06) (age 29)
Warrington, Cheshire, England
Other name(s) Kerry McFadden (2002–06)
Kerry Croft (2007–present)
Occupation Media personality
Years active 1998–2001 (singing)
2002–present (presenting)
Spouse(s) Bryan McFadden (2002–2006) (divorced)
Mark Croft (2007–present)

Kerry Jane Elizabeth Katona (born 6 September 1980) is an English media personality. She is most known for her television work (predominantly in television commercials and reality shows) and for being a magazine columnist. She has also acted, released several books (though these were ghostwritten on her behalf), and was also once a member of the pop girl group Atomic Kitten.

Early life

Katona was brought up partly by her mother Sue Katona and partly by her stepfather, foster grandmother and others. Her first known memory was of her mother's attempted suicide. When she was very young she was placed in care and brought up by four sets of foster parents. During that time, she went to eight different schools. She is one-quarter Hungarian. Katona left school with no qualifications at age 16 to become a lap dancer, then joined a dance troupe that toured Europe.[3] In 2001, nude 'open leg' photographs of her appeared in censored form in the UK tabloid newspaper The Sunday Sport.

Katona gained fame for being a member of the girl group Atomic Kitten. However she left in 2001 when she became pregnant.The group enjoyed limited success in the UK while she was a member, but had a major hit in South East Asia with Cradle. The group subsequently went on to have two number 1 albums in the UK with a new line-up. Katona herself later made light of the fact that she did not actually sing on any of Atomic Kitten's records, except for spoken parts, for example in the song Whole Again.


After marrying Brian McFadden, she moved into television, appearing on and presenting a mix of light entertainment programmes such as Britain's Sexiest..., Loose Women, and Elimidate. In February 2004, Katona won the third British series of reality TV show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and in July of that year, Brian and Kerry appeared as a judge on the RTE talent show You're A Star, which was used to select Ireland's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Katona has since starred in an Irish drama called Showbands. In July 2005, she headlined My Fair Kerry on ITV, where she was taught airs and graces to transform herself from ladette to lady. Despite the title of this programme, the conclusion she publicly drew from the programme was that "airs and graces don't mean nothing when you've got kids to look after."

Since 2007, Katona had been the subject of a number of MTV reality shows including Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love. Her latest MTV reality show, Kerry Katona: What's The Problem, began airing in May 2009.


Although her celebrity status has declined, Katona had a regular column in OK! Magazine until she was axed in 2008, has had the job of being the spokeswoman for Iceland frozen food stores in newspaper and television advertisements and has also been paid to promote Asda. She was represented by publicist Max Clifford, but their mutual parting was announced in October 2008 following Katona's appearance on This Morning. On 17 August 2009 supermarket Iceland sacked Katona from its advertising campaigns, saying it was "impossible" for her to continue in the role. The move follows allegations in the News Of The World that Katona was taking Class A drugs.


She is a patron of The Shannon Bradshaw Trust, a charity based in Warrington, helping children with life-threatening conditions, and their families.

Personal life
Brian McFadden (2002–2006)

On 5 January, 2002 she married former Westlife star Brian McFadden at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Rathfeigh, County Meath, Ireland becoming Kerry McFadden. The couple had their honeymoon in Mauritius. Their two daughters are: Molly Marie McFadden (born 31 August, 2001, Dublin, Ireland); and Lilly-Sue McFadden, (born 3 February, 2003, Dublin, Ireland).

McFadden and Katona separated in September 2004 and Katona reverted to her maiden name. McFadden wrote a song on his solo album Irish Son called Be True To Your Woman about the failed relationship.

Mark Croft (2007–present)

Katona is now married to taxi driver Mark Croft. Katona and Croft were married at Gretna Green in Scotland on Wednesday, 14 February, 2007 in a private ceremony with 2 friends as witnesses. Six days later, on 20 February 2007, Katona's baby was delivered by Caesarean section. The girl, Heidi Elizabeth Croft, was born at Macclesfield G

Against all odds

Against all odds

Almost exactly six years ago, a 29-week premature baby girl weighing just 700 grams was born at a humble rural hospital in Limpopo Province. Even with the best neonatal intensive care in the country, Angel’s chances of survival would have been no more than 50/50. Yet today, Angel is happy and healthy – thanks to the care she received at Malamulele District Hospital. Through better training and innovative techniques the hospital has significantly reduced neonatal deaths in recent years, meaning that many more children like Angel will be celebrating their birthdays in the years to come.

Credit: UNICEF South Africa/Marinovich

29 week premature baby

29 week premature baby

Mitchell's Gift - A parent's perspective on surviving life... with a premature baby in the NICU.

~A book written by the parent of a preemie... for the parent of a preemie.~ Mitchell's Gift walks you through the experience of having a premature baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. Written from a parent's point of view, the book familiarizes a person with the NICU and gives tips on how to balance life inside the hospital with life outside the hospital. The account of our journey with Mitchell, woven throughout the book, offers insight into the experience of having a premature baby, reassurance that you will survive this experience, and the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. Mitchell's Gift also has an extensive glossary to help communicate with the medical staff. If you have a baby in the NICU or are expecting an early delivery, Mitchell's Gift will be of help to you.

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4month Old Baby

4month old baby

  • A young or newly born animal

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

Baby N

Baby N

This sweet little girl is a member of my grow up plan and photographing her 4 month portraits was so much fun! She has grown so much since her last session and I can't wait to see her in 2 more months!

Delivery at 4months old

Delivery at 4months old

I know this has been done millons of times before but I couldnt help to share this, she so cute and not a newborn but a 4month old LOL.

4month old baby

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7 Month Old Baby Food

7 month old baby food

    baby food
  • Baby food is any food, other than breastmilk or infant formula, that is made specifically for infants, roughly between the ages of four months to two years.

  • (Baby foods) Rice has highly digestible energy, net protein utilization, and low crude fiber content. Therefore, it is suitable for baby food. Although baby foods can be in the form of rice flour or granulated rice, precooked infant rice cereal is the most common use of rice for baby food.

  • calendar month: one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year; "he paid the bill last month"

  • Each of the twelve named periods into which a year is divided

  • A period of 28 days or four weeks

  • (monthly) of or occurring or payable every month; "monthly payments"; "the monthly newsletter"

  • A period of time between the same dates in successive calendar months

  • a time unit of approximately 30 days; "he was given a month to pay the bill"

  • seven: being one more than six

  • seven: the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one

  • A gramophone record, commonly known as a phonograph record (in American English), vinyl record (when made of polyvinyl chloride), or simply record, is an analog sound storage medium consisting of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.



Big Morongo Canyon Preserve more than 235 bird species have been observed in the preserve, including several rare species. Many additional transient species are present during the spring and fall migration seasons. Water also attracts desert bighorn sheep, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, and other mammals. The preserve is listed as a National Watchable Wildlife Site.There are no fees.The Preserve is open daily from 7:30 am to sunset. Winter, fall and spring are the best times of the year to visit this area. The Preserve has a desert climate with hot, dry summers and moderate winters. Rainfall is scarce, and winter and spring nighttime temperatures can be cool.

i had enough mum! (7 of 14)

i had enough mum!  (7 of 14)

feeding time again, baby food, (turkey, barley, veggie)....he looks likes he suffers thru it soooooooooo!

funny faces

i give him about, two table spoons for a sitting.

such eyes!

daddy is holding him on his lap, and i am holding the spoonful in my right hand and holding the camera with my left!

kaley corgi waits for the bowl to be handed to her as you see in pic, 13 and 14!

family affair all the way!

7 month old baby food

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Baby boy name finder. Baby first bible

Baby Boy Name Finder

baby boy name finder

    baby boy
  • "Baby Boy" is a single released in 2003 by the UK Hip hop/R&B group Big Brovaz. The single is the fourth single taken from Big Brovaz's 2002 debut album, Nu-Flow.

  • Baby Boy is a 2001 American urban drama film written, produced, and directed by John Singleton. It has been considered a sequel of sorts to Singleton's earlier, more famous work, Boyz N The Hood. The film follows Joseph "Jody" Summers as he lives his everyday life in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

  • "Baby Boy" is a R&B–reggae song by American singer Beyonce Knowles and features Jamaican reggae rapper Sean Paul. The track was produced Scott Storch for Knowles debut solo album Dangerously in Love. "Baby Boy" was written by Knowles, Storch, Robert Waller, Jay-Z and Sean Paul.

  • The viewfinder of a camera

  • someone who comes upon something after searching

  • optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

  • Finder is a science fiction comic book series written, drawn, and published since 1996 by Carla Speed McNeil, and currently appearing free online at McNeil's website for later collection into trade paperback editions.

  • A small telescope attached to a large one to locate an object for observation

  • A person who finds someone or something

Finders Keepers volunteers in the Sobell gardens

Finders Keepers volunteers in the Sobell gardens

Finders Keepers have made Sobell House their charity of the year.
As well as supporting the events their staff have also pledged to volunteer throughout the year and here they are helping out in our hospice garden.

If your company would like to support Sobell House and help us raise the ?3.2 million a year it costs to run the hospice please contact us on 01865 857007

finder 1&2

finder 1&2

left one is a simple finder ,
right one is a finder for kenzo :D

WIP (add more variations ? )

baby boy name finder

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Baby Development By Months - Premature Baby Birth Weight.

Baby Development By Months

baby development by months

    by months
  • (by month) Full archive by month

baby development by months - The Second

The Second Twelve Months of Life: Your Baby's Growth Month By Month

The Second Twelve Months of Life: Your Baby's Growth Month By Month

Your baby's second year is a wondrous and challenging experience for parents and child as your baby reaches out physically and emotionally for the world beyond mommy and daddy -- to friends, to toys, to sights, sounds, thoughts and words.

In these twelve months you will see your baby communicating, identifying, differentiating, recognizing and remembering.

Your baby will probably begin to walk alone, run and jump, play simple instructive games, imitate your actions, sing and dance to music, and increasingly demonstrate a desire to "do it myself."

By the end of this milestone year, your baby will show an expanding range of emotions and abiliy to express them, show off for an audience, probably talk several dozen words and be able to give as well as receive love.

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Midwife Tackles Healthcare Problems

Midwife Tackles Healthcare Problems

Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, with an estimated 1,800 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. Access to reliable maternity and child healthcare is limited in the more remote parts of Afghanistan’s eastern region due to a lack of infrastructure, education, and professional services. The presence of a trained birth attendant can prevent many of the deaths. Together with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and service providers, USAID’s Alternative Development Program – East (ADP- E) has ad-dressed this situation by supporting midwifery training for women from the eastern region’s isolated Nooristan Province.
Shah Bibi is one of 18 women selected by their home communities to take part in an 18-month course offered by the Ghanikhail Midwifery Training Center located in Nangarhar Province. During the MoPH and Jhpiego (an affiliate organization of Johns Hopkins University) certi-fied training, the women learned a range of both clinical and practical aspects of community midwifery, including antenatal, natal, and post-natal care. The students also learned to assist with normal births and provide health education to mothers and children during house visits and to know when to refer women with critical delivery conditions to provincial hospitals.
After certification as a midwife, Shah Bibi began working at the Waigal Basic Health Center (BHC) in her native town of Waigal in Nooristan Province’s Waigal District. Traveling long distances into remote mountain villages by car and foot to provide maternal services and deliver babies in an area with a population of 12,000, Shah Bibi and her two colleagues at the center are in high demand.
“Before we started working at the Waigal BHC, there were numerous cases of unsuccessful deliveries resulting in either mother or baby deaths,” Shah Bibi said. “During the seven months I have worked at the clinic, there were only two cases of unsuccessful deliveries.”
In addition to long distances and the need for additional midwives in the area, Shah Bibi faces other challenges. Nooristan has always been insecure, with criminal and anti-government elements. In Waig-al’s neighboring Kamdesh District, US forces suffered heavy casual-ties from attacks on remote outposts. Despite this insecurity, Shah Bibi continues her work with an increased sense of determination.
“Tribal elders have placed importance on my line of work,” she ex-plains. “As a result, the anti-government elements do not target me, and I am granted access to areas under their control in order to pro-vide maternity services to women who have no other access to basic healthcare.”

Looking after mothers and babies

Looking after mothers and babies

A worker with the international charity Action Against Hunger inspects a four-month-old baby in a 'safe' mother and child tent supported by UKaid, in the IDP camp on the Champ de Mars in central Port au Prince, Haiti.

Malnutrition, diarrhea and dehydration are particular concerns amongst young children and new mothers or mums-to-be, although thanks to the combined efforts of aid agencies, the international community and the Government of Haiti, there have no major outbreaks of disease so far.

Image: Department for International Development / Russell Watkins

baby development by months

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